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Welcome To Home Page of Professor Arsalan Ghahramani

I am Professor Arsalan Ghahramani at the Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering of Shiraz University at the Geotechnical Engineering Division


Prof. A. Ghahramani   Kharazmi Library

Ph.D. In Geomechanics

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fax: +987118328923
mobile: +989171170101
satellite mobile: +8821685500891

Ann Arbor Michigan time
  Shiraz ,Iran,Time
  San Fransisco Time

Major Contributions
Development of Research Laboratory for Ph.D. Students
Graduating First Iranian Ph.D. student in Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Teaching of Finite Element Course in Geomechanics to Graduate Students
Review of Major Dams in Iran
Design of Foundation of Teheran tower, 440 Meters High

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